A Christmas Carol Slots

A Christmas Carol Slots

Betsoft Software has brought one of the most popular and told classic stories by Charles Dickens is been ported to the world of online gaming slots with the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol. Betsoft known for their high resolution graphics and animation takes on the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge and let the gamer swindle the old wretched accountant out of his money.

Like in the classic story you will be transported back in to world of Ebeneezer Scrooge's bedroom while he watches you win his savings while spinning his earnings on this 5 reel, 25 paylines slot game. With cheerful and appropriate soundtrack and set in a snowy backdrop that brings the Yuletide spirit to the gamer.

The Gift of Giving: A Christmas Carol Slot

The classic story has classic playing cards symbols featured on the reels. When three of the Ten symbols land you collect 5 coins, 4 Symbols-(25 Coins) and 5 Symbols-(50 coins). When you land the Jack you collect 10 coins for 3, 25 coins for 4 and 75 coins for 5 landed symbols. The Queen brings 20 coins for 3, 50 coins for 4 and 80 coins for 5. The King will get you 25 coins for 3 land symbols, 60 for 4 and 100 for 5. The top paying card, the Ace will earn you 40 coins for 3 landed symbols and 75 for 4 and 150 coins for 5 landed symbols. Another symbols that represent this classic tale is Scrooge's Bank, when you land three, four or five of these on your reels they pay 50, 100 and 200 coins respectively.

And what is Christmas without Christmas Presents? These gifts keep on giving by rewarding players with 100 coins for matching 3, 200 coins for 4 and 400 coins for 5 Christmas Present symbols and Ebeneezer's Gold Coins pay 125 coins, 250 coins and 500 coins.

The Gold Bell symbol will ring music in your ears and money in your pocket if you can spin three Gold Bells and earn 200 coins, four (400 coins) or five (800 coins), and last but by no means least is Scrooge himself. At this point of Scrooges nightmare he is new man, full of love and giving. Here he rewards players with prizes of 300 coins, 500 coins and 1,000 coins respectively.

The wild is Turkey, well you can't have Christmas without a turkey. The Turkey symbol will substitute for all others except the Ghost. It will earn you a very generous payout of 800 coins, 1,200 coins and 2,400 coins for matching three through to five. With the Heads or Tails feature if you guess correctly the turnout of the flip of the coin you will double your prize. If you guess incorrectly all you winnings will be taken back and held in Ebeneezer's bank.

Past, Present and Future: A Christmas Carol Slot

Following the story line of A Christmas Carol in this online gaming slot will take you to the Past, Present and Future. Each one of these bonus rounds adds to the epic tale and the continued enjoyment and payouts in this game.

If you spin three or more of the Christmas Present symbol then all ghosts on your reels will become wild. The Ghost of Christmas Past rewards players with a number of Past Free Spins and three of these symbols will earn you three spins, four earns six spins and five will give you 12 free spins. Additional Past and Future prizes can be won from within this feature. The Ghost of Christmas Future plays the same as Ghost of Christmas Past.