Double Sixteen Slots

Double Sixteen Slots is a classic slot game that is clearly a slot I am having a problem understanding. As I mentioned in my Jumbo Joker review, Double Sixteen is the second slot game out of the thousands I have reviewed that I don’t quite get. The first is Jumbo Joker. The payout scheme behind Double Sixteen eludes me.

About the Game

At the top of the machine there is a slot that has the traditional symbols except for the treasure chest symbols. At the bottom of the machine is another slot that contains all fruits and the treasure chest. At the top right of the slot is a Meter with 10 windows. At the bottom right is the Double Sixteen window showing all the symbols and their payouts. Also at the bottom of the slot you will find these buttons: Collect, Select Meter, Start Bets from 5 through 40, and an Auto Play button. Are you with me so far?

Playing the Game

Here’s where I am completely stumped. In order to begin playing the game, you have to select one of the Bet buttons at the bottom. When you win, the win and total amount are shown in the respective windows, and the numbers will also appear in the meter. For example: if you bet 40 and win 40 coins, you have the option of collecting your win. However, when you click on the collect button, you will only receive 4 coins and the Meter number shown on each window is 4 coins. What happened to the other 36 coins? I even posted this review to Facebook asking other players who have played this game to explain it in their own words. So far, there have been no responses.

Double Sixteen is a Double Whammy

If you play this game for fun or for real money, you may ask the same questions. If you have figured out this game, kindly send us an email explaining this game.