Jane's Farm Slots

Jane's Farm Slots
The recently released Jane’s Farm House Slots is a fabulous slot game. With its luscious landscape depicting rolling hills, white picket fences, and flowers along with a wide assortment of poultry and other farm animals, this is the mobile game you will want to play. There’s no doubt that many online players from the US either live on a farm or have at least visited one. Unfortunately, I have not. But I do love the TV series Heartland, which is probably the closest I will get to any farm in the US.

About the Game

Jane’s Farm House has two progressive jackpots: the Mystery Jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot. The slot itself is large enough to fit on your screen, making it a joy to play. We do recommend you read the pay table consisting of all the symbols, payouts, special features, and general rules of the game.

Playing the Game

There are four special symbols in this game: Jane is the Wild symbol; The Cow is the Free Spins symbol; the Chicken is the Bonus symbol; and the MUU bottle of Milk is a symbol that will appear during the free spins round and offer a special surprise. If you get all five Jane symbols, you will 5000 coins.

Free Spins Round

In Jane’s Farm House Slots, you can activate the free spins round in two ways. First, if you get three Free Spin symbols in the base game; and Second, if you can hit an egg in the free spins power up in the Bonus game. When the free spins round is triggered, you will be asked to choose one of these three options: 10 free spins with a 3xs multiplier; 15 free spins with a 2xs multiplier; or 30 free spins with a 1xs multiplier. Which of these would you choose?

The Muu Muu Bottle of Milk: Shouldn’t it be Moo Moo?

In any case, when you collect the Milk Bottle during each free spins round, you will receive 3 free spins for 3 milk bottles and 3 additional free spins with a 3xs multiplier when you get 6 milk bottles. The multiplier will remain the same for the entire free spins round.

Chicken Coop Bonus Round

When you get 3 Bonus symbols, you will trigger the Chicken Coop Bonus round. You will be asked to drop 3 eggs, one at a time, by clicking 3 chickens on top of the coop. The eggs will fall down the coop and eventually fall into one of the 5 holes on the bottom. Each hole will award a prize. But when the egg hits a +1 or +2 power up, then one or two eggs are granted. When the free spins power up is hit by an egg, one of three spin modes will be given randomly. Suffice to say, we again reiterate that you read more about this exciting bonus round in the pay table.

Interactive Mobile Slots are Most Enjoyable

While I find interactive slots more enjoyable than others, this particular game is a joy to play. There is so much going on in this game. The free spins round, the progressive jackpots, the bonus round – all contribute to the popularity of this game. And the good news is that you can play this anywhere and any time on your mobile devices.