License to Spin Slots

My name is Bond, James Bond. Although License to Spin Slots is not exactly like any James Bond movie, the theme comes close enough. In fact, you will see Mr. Bond to the left of the slot machine every once in a while. This slot game is a very different type of game you may have never played before, but it is intriguing. From the music to the animations, we invite you to play License to Spin Slots at our recommended casinos.

Game Facts

License to Spin is a 5-reel, 3-payline slot. The coin denominations range from 30 cents to $240 max bet per spin. There are two progressive jackpots: the Cash Grab Jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot. We highly suggest that you read the extensive pay table as it will explain the rules, pay lines, payable, and special features.

Special Symbols Make License to Spin Slot Exciting

Mr. Bond (let’s call him by this name) has two Wild symbols; one of his face, and the other of him walking. The face symbol will only appear on reel 3. Other symbols of note include: a woman with a drink, a man with an eye patch, a cop, Bond’s car, speedboat, telescope, martini, and card colors Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club.

Re-Spin Feature

When the wild symbol appears on reel 3, the respin feature will begin. In the first respin, the wild symbol will move to reel 2; and in the second respin, the wild symbol will move to reel 1. After the second re-spin, Bond turns and shoots at the slot with one of two outcomes: an unsuccessful shot will trigger the Shaken but not Stirred Bonus Round. A successful shot will trigger a new set of three re-spins in which the wild symbol will move to the right. You can see the configuration of moves in the pay table.

Shaken but Not Stirred Bonus Round

In this round, you will be asked to choose among two glasses. After you make your selection, you will be awarded a prize. You can keep the prize shown or select another option. If you keep the prize the bonus round ends. If you decide not to keep the prize, you will automatically win the amount that is revealed and the bonus round then ends.

Play the New License to Spin Slots

This is a highly lucrative and interesting new slot game, and if you are a James Bond fan, you will certainly enjoy this spy theme-based slot. You can even engage in some trivia while you play. For example, how many actors played the James Bond role? Either way, this game is fun and has a lot going for it. Play License to Spin Slots at our preferred casinos.