Ogre Empire Slots

Suffice to say, the special features in this game are quite awesome. This slot game is beautifully designed, visually appealing, and lucrative as well. Ogre Empire is like night and day….hint, hint.

About the Game

Ogre Empire has an Auto Play feature as well as the Double-Up Game. The symbols are sharp and wonderfully captivating. Yes, there are card symbols, but they do not interfere with the content of this game. Did I just say that? We do recommend you read the pay table as it contains all the symbols, payouts, special features, and general rules of the game.

Playing the Game

One on the more superb features in this game is that there are two modes of play: Day Mode and Night Mode. The two modes are comprised of the following: The Day Mode indicates that you bring on the Sun. When the large Sun symbol appears on the reels, Night will turn to Day and you will have to try your luck with the giant Ogre. The Night symbol indicates that you have to Chase Down the Moon. Getting the large Moon symbol on the reels will free the townspeople. Who knew they were held captive? The Day symbol will pay 4xs your total bet, and the Night symbol will pay out 6xs your total bet. There are High value symbols and standard value symbols in this game. There is also a Wild symbol in this game that will substitute for all symbols except the Sun and Moon symbols.

The Day Mode Symbols

The Day Mode symbols include: the Sun Bloom Wild Flower. This Wild flower will actually grow into nearby symbols, turning 3 of them into wild symbols. There is also the Daytime Ogre Smash symbol. During the day, the giant Ogre may smash the reels in a fit of rage. What’s he got to be angry about? Stone symbols will be crashed, and new symbols will fall into place giving you new winning combinations.

The Night Mode Symbols

The Night Mode symbols include: The Joker, King, and Queen who pop out of hiding awarding you big wins. You can refer to the pay table to ascertain the payouts and multipliers. Also in The Night Mode, you will find the Night Bloom Wild Flower. This gorgeous flower will glow in the dark and can expand anywhere on the reels turning 3 symbols into wilds.

3D Slot Game Vanquishes the Ogre

From the special features to the special symbols, this slot game is simply divine. If you enjoy playing it as I did, you will have a grand time.