Boom Bucks Slots

Developed by Betsoft, Boom Bucks Slots is themed after the classic Vegas slot machine that all gamblers know and love. The game screen design is focused on the slot machine; it is big and bold design screaming of the old slot machines of the past. The retro feel is slot machine features spinning reels, a wheel like device on the top, paytables and flashing lights and sounds that create a fun and lively atmosphere.

Classic Game Play: Boom Bucks Slots

Boom Bucks slots follow many of the classic rules of slot play. It does feature 2 different bet levels at any time for the player to choose from. It is a 3 reels and 5 paylines that are activated at all times. Scoring combinations on the paylines is your goal and the bet levels are 4 and bet 8, each. After choosing you’re your bet option you are ready to spin. You can also just play the Autoplay feature and sit back and watch the action for as long as you like. You can look at the paytable on the top of the machine to see where your position at any time.

Enjoy the Fruits Of Your Labor: Boom Bucks Slots

Boom Buck’s paytable shows the winning combinations that are allowed. All the winning combinations consist of 3 identical symbols lined up on one of the 5 paylines of the game. The most common icons are the cherries, lemons, oranges and plums. Their combinations are worth 20 or 30 credits in bet 4 or bet 8 modes respectively. The paytable will light up according to your bet settings to let you know what the stakes are in real time. The paytable will light up the winning combos that you land.

The other the combos on the paytable are watermelons, grapes, bells and pears, that pay 30 or 60 credits in the two different bet levels. The bar signs and bombs will earn the higher payouts with rewards going up to 100 or 200 credits.

Spinning Wheels Spinning Round: Boom Bucks Slots

With every spin of the reels you have a chance to win extra cash. Watch the level on the Boom Bucks meter The wheel-shaped counter contains prizes going up to 100 credits. The blue numbers are activate in bet 4 mode, and the bet 8 mode activates the red numbers.

you spin the main reel a adjacent reel to the right will spin at the same time with the Boom Bucks Meter. When the Go sign appears, the amount of credits shown in the Boom Bucks is transferred to the bucks meter, and when the red Stop sign appears, the bucks meter will fall back to zero. Trigger the Boom Bucks logo on the extra reel and collect your credits available in the bucks meter instantly.

A Little Side Action: Boom Bucks Slots

Betsoft’s Boom Bucks slots is a perfect call out to the retro era of casino slots. The Boom Bucks bonus wheel keeps you going and earns you many extra credits. There are no big bells and whistles that modern gaming slots provide but the simple fast and user friendly platform of Book Buck’s Slot is an entertaining way to earn some Boom Buck cash.