Lilly’s Pad Slots

Lilly's Pad Slots
Lilly’s Pad Slots’ theme is about frogs. This is a fun game to play and very lucrative as well. The background is a pond you can see through the slot. The pond has a myriad of pink Lilly pads for the frog to jump onto. At the top of the slot is the Dragonfly and he will come in quite handy during this game. At the bottom right of the slot is the Frog. Once again, we have wonderful animations in this game. Moreover, this terrific slot has two jackpots: the Cash Grab Jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot.

About the Game

We do recommend you read the scrolling pay table as it will give you the rules of the game, show all the symbols and payouts, as well as any special features. There is an Auto Play button available. Also note that pay line wins are multiplied by the amount wagered per pay line.

Playing the Game

The payouts are quite small, but the game is still loads of fun to play. There are two special symbols: the Frog and the Dragonfly. The Frog is the bonus symbol and the Dragonfly is the Wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations. It does not substitute for the scatter symbol.

The Dragonfly Feature

Here’s where this slot game goes beyond the pale. The Dragonfly wild feature has an overlay which consists of three different patterns. This is a random feature and all of the symbols within the pattern will become wild when you spin the reels. It will also replace bonus symbols that are within the pattern.

The Bonus Round

When you get three Frog symbols, you will trigger the bonus round. Here, you will have to choose among 12 Lillies in the Pond to reveal the secret prize hidden within each one. The prizes will be listed at the right of the second screen. What will be very exciting for players is that there are 8 rounds you can play. Each of these 8 rounds is very different from each other which add to the thrill of the game.

  • Round 1: You will be asked to select one Lilly with the prize amount NOT being revealed. That Lilly will remain in its place until the player collects the amount to end this bonus round or until round 8 when they will be asked to choose between the lst and the 8th Lilly.
  • Round 2: This time the players will be asked to choose 4 Lillies. After the selections, the prize will be revealed and eliminated from the screen. You will again have the option to collect your prize or end the game.
  • Round 3: Here you will be asked to choose 2 Lillies. The same options will be available as in round 2.
  • Round 4: You will be asked to choose 1 Lilly. The same rules apply here as well.
  • Round 5: 1 Lilly has to be selected. Again, the same rules apply.
  • Round 6: You will be asked to again select 1 Lilly. The same rules apply.
  • Round 7: You will be asked to choose 1 Lilly. The same rules apply here.
  • Round 8: You will be asked to choose between the first Lilly and the last remaining Lilly. You will be awarded the bonus amount from the Lilly that you have select. The round then ends.

Lilly’s Pad Slots Challenges You

Although we consider this slot a very easy game to play, the Dragonfly feature and the Bonus round can garner you lucrative results.