World Leaders Slots

World Leaders Slots has a political theme, and today’s political climate is sub-par to say the least. Upon viewing this slot for the first time, you will notice a round blue spinning globe that asks you to click on it to stop the spinning. After this is done, a new wild will be revealed. When I clicked on the spinning globe, what was revealed was the UK Wild, and the Leader of that country (at that time Margaret Thatcher look-a-like) appeared animated to the right of the slot.

About the Game

The scrolling pay table should be read before you begin playing this game. It includes all the symbols, payouts, special features, and general rules of the game. There is an Auto Play button available. It is a gear located to the far right of the slot. Please note that all pay line wins are multiplied by the amount wagered per pay line.

Playing the Game

There are four special symbols in this game: the Red Telephone, the Gold Eagle, the Crown, and the Bear. Interesting choice of symbols considering today’s political climate. The Red Bonus Telephone is the Scatter/Bonus Symbol, the Crown is the first wild symbol, the Bear is the second wild symbol, and the Gold Eagle is the third wild symbol. All wilds substitute for all symbols except the scatter. There are also some very special features in this game. Let’s go through them all.

The Wild Leaders Feature

Because this game has three wilds, after the first 25 spins the wild mode will be randomly selected. After the 25th spin has ended, the spinning wheel will appear in the middle of the screen. The spinning wheel is a globe of the world. The globe will pop up in front of the reels and spins automatically to select a new wild. Once you stop the wheel from spinning, you will receive a new wild. The wheel will stop on any of the following countries: UK, Russia, or US. Each Wild is numbered from 1 to 3, respectively. Also, each will come with its own rewards and patterns on the reels. The UK Crown wild symbol will duplicate itself to another position. The position is chosen to give the best winning results. When the Second Wild Russian symbol appears, you will receive a set of re-spins. After every re-spin, the Russian Wild will move one space to the left. You will continue to receive re-spins as long as the wild is still on the screen. If a bonus is won in the same play re-spins are won, the re-spins are played first and then the bonus round. When the third Wild US symbol appears, it will expand horizontally and vertically to form a cross. All of the symbols within this pattern will become wild for that spin. There are 3 possible patterns. You can check the pay table to see those patterns.

Find Your Ally Bonus Round

When you get three or more scatter symbols, you will activate this bonus round. Here, 12 different phones will be shown to you. Each phone will connect to one of the 4 leaders in this game. Each leader has his/her different prize which will be paid out every time the leader is called. Your payouts will be accumulated on each call. Once any of the leaders is contacted three times, the bonus round ends. Note that the amount that paid by each leader depends upon the number of scatters that originally activated the bonus round.

Political Mayhem

You have to admit that regardless of whether you love or hate politics, World Leaders Slots is a game you will truly enjoy due to the exciting features therein.