Mad Road Slots

Go mad in the post apocalypse themed slot game, Mad Road Slots. This take you into the dangerous world of crazy villains, road rage and drivers who are out to win, win in anyway it takes. This 5 reel 15 paylines and with many chances to win a progressive jackpot that will give the gamer a thrilling ride to riches. This slot game has multipliers, wild and scatters symbols that you would expect and it will not disappoint the gamer’s inner wild adventurous side.

A look Beyond Thunderdome: Mad Road Slots

Mad Road Slots has the feel of a high dollar Hollywood action adventure movie. The 3D graphics in the online slot game lives up to the gamers expectations for this type of theme. The icons follow the post apocalypse theme with wild semi-trucks, wheels; shot guns, daggers, barrels a mangy dog and dangerous cars. Adara is the Wild Symbol and Billy is the Scatter. In Mad Road Slots the game automatically includes all 15 lines in your bet. It is possible to wager from $0.02 up to $16, and thus the range for a total bet is from $0.30 up to $240 for all paylines active. Sit back and spin or sit back and run in autoplay and watch the action from afar. When 3 Billy icons show up the scatter symbol, then the bonus round begins. There are up to nine levels that will then keep the player energized and pumped to stay glued to the screen as 3 chances and a multiplier could lead to one of three prizes, coins, and the option to activate the multiplier or get free spins. After each win, players can opt to double their winnings in the Double Up feature. Winners are greeted with a spinning coin and must choose either the side of the Billy or Adara. If the coin stops at the correct selection, their winnings are doubled, and the player can continue to double their up to $25,000, but pick wrong all money is lost. The explosion spin feature is a very unique way of spinning. Instead of the traditional spin, the icons will drop from the one above tumbling to the next line. This will give the players complete control what icons will end up in what paylines and their winnings will also be multiplied in this round.

An Aggressive Time With A Progressive Jackpot

Mad Road Slots features a progressive jackpot that can be won with any spin. The regular, total payout is 2,000 coins. This Arrow’s Edge Released game is full of action and danger where the apocalyptic warrior and capitalize on the wasteland with riches and prizes.