At The Movies Slots

How do you fancy going to the movies? This is something plenty of people do for entertainment. There’s nothing quite like watching a movie on the big screen, is there?

But we’ve got a different proposition for you here. How about playing At the Movies, a slot game based on this pastime? It could be a good option to try – especially if you get lucky and scoop some winnings. This is a good solid game from Betsoft. If you have enjoyed other titles in their collection, we bet you will like these just as much.

Formatting of reels and paylines

There isn’t much here you won’t have seen before, with five reels giving way to 25 paylines. It does make this an affordable game to bet on though, as you’ll see below.

Possible wagers

Plenty of Betsoft slots allow bets of between two cents a line and a half-dollar per line. This one does too. It also allows you to place up to five of your selected coins on each line if you like.

At the Movies special symbols

The masks of comedy and drama are well-known to many of us. Here, they appear together as the substitute icon. If you manage to secure one or more of these in a winning line, your usual prize is doubled.

There is a movie projector appearing here as well – a key element when you go to the movies. This is the scatter and you need only find two to win something.

Possible bonuses to play

Two movie projectors may well win a prize, but you should look for three or more if you can. Three, four, or five of them in one spin would lead to a prize worth eight, 12, or a maximum of 20 free spins. That’s the only bonus here, but it’s a nice one to be aware of.

Download and play the At the Movies slot today

There is enough here to entertain most players. It’s a shame there is no bonus that occurs on another screen, but that is a small gripe. We love the look of the At the Movies slot game, and we would count this as yet another great title in the Betsoft collection.

Will this become a favorite for you, or will you discover other games from Betsoft you would prefer to play? Make sure you check out the appeal of At the Movies to find out for sure.